The internet is a great resource for finding commercial buses for sale in Canada

The internet is a great resource for finding commercial buses for sale in Canada. Various websites feature photos and detailed information about commercial buses. Many also offer financing options that can range from one to seven years. Some sites even offer options and upgrades, such as luxurious seat coverings and wheelchair lifts. These options can greatly enhance the appearance and comfort of a bus.

Greyhound Canada

Greyhound Canada is selling buses for sale, including some in good condition. The buses have been parked in Toronto for a few months, and will go up for auction on Jan. 18. Anyone can register to bid. Many people have converted buses into their homes, and you can also purchase a bus for business use. However, if you want to operate a commercial bus, you will need a bus driving license.

These buses are equipped with 12-speed transmissions, diesel engines, and onboard restrooms. Some even feature leather seats and built-in TV screens. Wheelchair lifts are installed on five of the buses. They also come in different colours and feature the Greyhound logo. Greyhound Canada buses for sale are a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a bus from the company.

Crestline Buses

The Crestline Bus Company is a leader in the manufacture of ambulances and specialty vehicles. They also manufacture a variety of buses and minibuses, which are distributed throughout Canada. Crestline’s products have proven to be a great investment for countless companies across North America. Whether you’re looking for a small or mid-sized minibus for your business, the Crestline brand is a great choice.

The company has a long history in the transportation industry. Founded in 1919, Crestline is a world leader in ambulance manufacturing and a distributor of small to mid-sized buses in Canada. In the 1980s, the company expanded into other segments, including paratransit, tour, and shuttle buses. In addition, the company began importing buses from the United States.

Girardin Blue Bird

If you are in the market for a new school bus, you may want to consider a Girardin Blue Bird bus for sale in Canada. This company was once a leader in school bus manufacturing and was based in Drummondville, Quebec. The company was the sole manufacturer in Canada until the opening of the Autobus Lion plant in 2011. Its products are sold under both brands in Canada and the United States.

In the coming year, the brand will phase out and the Blue Bird Micro Bird by Girardin will take its place. The Blue Bird Type A dealers will offer the complete school, commercial, and MFSAB lines.


If you’ve been looking for a unique home for your next adventure, you may have come across Greyhound buses for sale in Canada. These buses are still in good condition and will be auctioned on Jan. 18th. TheĀ New and used buses for sale auction will be open to the public, so anyone can register to bid. These buses could make great second homes, or they could be converted into a home in their own right. If you want to purchase one, you’ll need to get a bus driver’s license to operate it.

Greyhound Canada recently announced that it was closing down its operations in Canada, which caused an enormous decrease in ridership. The company blamed this loss of revenue on increasing competition from discount airlines and ride-sharing services. They’ve also stopped operating in Western Canada, where ridership was particularly low.