League of Legends Coaching

If you are looking for a coaching service, you need to know what to look for. Here are some tips to help you choose a good coach: Know their credentials, find a good site to work with, and get the most out of their services. Whether you want to learn more about League of Legends or improve your skills, a good coach can make the difference between success and failure. You can also get tips and advice from fellow players.


The role of a coach in League of Legends (LoL) is becoming more important than ever. With the game growing in popularity in other parts of the world, you need to hire a high-EQ and skilled coach to lead your team. To become a good coach, you should have extensive experience in competitive games. There are many companies that offer coaching services for this game. You can contact one of them to find out more about their services.

One of the most prolific C9 coaches, Reapered has been involved in the roster construction process for years. His constant influence on the C9 roster has been impressive. In 2018, C9 reached the semifinals but missed out on Worlds for the first time. His talent development skills have also been praised, having discovered Robert ‘Blaber’ Huang and Eric ‘Licorice’ Ritchie. Those two are two players who have played for many top teams in the League.


If you’re looking for a career in esports, a League of Legends coaching certification may be exactly what you need. Getting one of these certifications is an excellent way to improve your skills, build a competitive team, and earn recognition in the community. You can also turn your passion for League of Legends into a lucrative career. You can even become an esports athlete and grow your Twitch community.

You can even find a coach who can help you advance to the next level quickly and easily. Some of the top players in the game have coaching credentials and can guide you through the game play of your favorite heroes and teams. These coaches can also provide you with replay analysis so you can identify your weak points. Once you hire a League of Legends coaching credential, you can rest assured that your success will be assured.

Sites to work with

If you’re looking for a LoL coach, there are a couple of places to start. League Coaching, for example, has over 13,000 coaches and can boost players from Challenger I to Unranked. You can also read reviews to find out how the coaches have helped other people improve. The most important thing to look for is someone who has experience with the game, and who is able to provide you with the necessary guidance.

A good coach can help you achieve the highest ranks fast. They will also provide you with replay analysis, which is vital in improving your game. This will help you identify your weak points and increase your overall ranking. The most effective coaches can also provide personalized tips and tricks to improve your game strategy. They will also help you learn how to play champions that you like and feel comfortable with. League of Legends coaching can be beneficial for you if you want to improve your mental side of the game.


There are many benefits to League of Legends coaching, and some people find it beneficial to hire a coach to help them improve their game. A coach can give players valuable tips, advice, and strategies to improve their game. These coaches are typically former professional players, but you can also find plenty of coaches online. There are even guides and videos to help you learn the game. But hiring a coach may be the best option for you.

The cost of League of Legends coaching is generally very affordable and usually covers the cost of several sessions. The duration of coaching depends on the skill level of the player and their goals in the game. In general, players should expect to pay for three sessions of coaching for every four hours of gaming. The benefits of League of Legends coaching are significant. For example, a coach will give players tips on how to cope with stress and make quick decisions for best results. With proper League of Legends coaching, players can learn new strategies and algorithms. This way, they can become the Yoda of LoL.


For the most part, professional League of Legends coaches will charge you between forty and fifty dollars per month. These coaches use advanced training methods, the latest technology, and ongoing motivation to help you succeed in the game. You don’t have to stick to a specific LoL coaching team; you can start a new one every time you log in. Besides, you can even build your own schedule. In addition, you can get as many coaching sessions as you need, which means you’ll never feel like you’re stuck with one coach.

The best League of Legends players make an average of $1 million a year. However, most of them aren’t so lucky. Isles, a former professional player, earned around $500 per month at the peak of his eSports career. That wasn’t nearly enough to cover his living expenses. So, he began coaching. He charged twenty dollars per hour for single on-stream sessions, and later increased his prices. But he denied reports that he never made a Challenger and said that he doesn’t have the time to maintain a Challenger account.