IPQualityScore Review – An Email Validator

IPQualityScore (IPQS) is a service that specializes in email validation. The company’s cloud-based software and API can help you ensure that your emails are getting delivered to your users’ inboxes. It can also help you detect spam traps, disposable or low-quality accounts, and invalid user data.

With IPQS, you can verify email addresses across multiple mail service providers, ensuring that your users are getting the right emails. This helps to prevent your business from suffering from poor delivery rates. Additionally, it can give you the ability to make more informed decisions about your email marketing strategy.

IPQS’s free service allows you to validate 5,000 emails a month. However, the company offers packages starting at $20 per month. These services include advanced email risk scoring, which helps identify abusive behavior. Furthermore, they also have a reverse email lookup tool, which can identify stolen user data.

IPQS also offers a custom pricing model, which can be tailored to meet your needs. Regardless of your needs, IPQS provides an industry-leading service. In addition, their team can help you set up your account and assist you with any questions or concerns. They offer support during the sign up process and will guide you through the process of integrating the email verification API on your website.

IPQS also provides an extension for your site that updates lead/contact information in real time. This extension can be accessed through the IPQS client dashboard. Using the API, you can query individual email addresses or entire lists of email addresses. As a result, you can improve your email reputation, decrease fraudulent behavior, and increase the value of your email lists.

Whether you are a large business or an individual marketer, IPQS offers an array of services to help you protect your business from fraud. You can use the reverse email lookup to identify fraudulent users, or you can verify your leads and contacts in real time.

IPQS’s Email Verification Service provides detailed reports on online fraud. Their team analyzes hundreds of millions of user events each day. ThisĀ ipqualityscore email validator tool helps them identify spam traps, high-risk mail services, and frequent complainers. Through this information, you can protect your business from phishing scams, fraudulent transactions, and other harmful email abuse.

Besides providing extensive Email Reputation, IPQS’s email validation service is also designed to help you reduce your cost and increase your ROI. The company’s cloud-based system can verify your email addresses from every major mail service provider. Typically, the validation process takes a few minutes.

You can also use the API to query individual email addresses to detect and remove low-quality or temporary accounts. IPQS’s disposable email blacklists are updated in real time, so you know that your potential leads are signing up with valid, clean email addresses. This will help you avoid losing valuable and important leads.

Having a clean and valid email address increases your chances of inboxing your messages and converting your prospects into customers. This can significantly reduce bounce rates and improve your overall ROI.