Deck Oiling in Byron Bay

The Byron Bay area of New South Wales is an extremely beautiful part of Australia. It is a popular place for tourists to visit due to its natural beauty, stunning beaches, and laid back culture. Having said this, there is an alternative side to Byron that many locals and cashed up tourists don’t seem to realise. The less glitzy, glam and trendy areas of Byron are hidden away behind the closed doors of some of the swanky cafes and boutique shops, but this is an area that should not be overlooked.

A large number of homes in Byron Bay have decks that need to beĀ deck oiling Byron Bay regularly maintained and oiled to keep them looking beautiful. Timber is a popular choice for making decks as it is durable and hard wearing, but the timber needs to be treated regularly or it will eventually dry out, swell and crack. Decks need to be sanded down and re-oiled regularly to prevent this from happening.

There are a range of products that can be used for timber maintenance including coatings, staining and oiling. The type of product used will depend on several elements such as what’s previously been applied, what look the client is after and a general feeling of how the deck should feel when it’s finished. Generally speaking, penetrating oils have better results than coatings or stain as they penetrate into the timber and are less likely to peel over time.

Whether or not your timber is stained or coated, it will need to be re-oiled periodically to maintain the condition of the timber. The re-oiling process is very similar to how you would stain the timber, but rather than using a paint brush to apply the timber oil, an airless sprayer is used to force the timber oil deep into the grain. This is much quicker than sanding, and also results in a far more even coat.

At Full Circle Refinishing, we have a range of different clients with timber surfaces ranging from commercial buildings to residential properties and even boats. One of our most recent projects was a stunning cedar home built in the 80’s in Byron Bay that needed some serious timber care. After a thorough pressure cleaning and sanding down to the raw timber, two coats of a traditional clear deck oil was applied with an airless sprayer for efficiency and to get the oil deep into the timber.

This particular project involved the removal of raised nail heads, which is an additional service we are able to offer at Full Circle. This can be done manually with a power drill or chemically stripped by a professional. It is very important to remove the raised nails before re-staining to ensure that any future timber treatments are not affected. Once the oil had been applied to this stunning timber home, the decks and all wooden handrails were stained at the same time ensuring a consistent finish across all of the surfaces.